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Lidding Film

Lidding Film, a type of flexible packaging material, is specifically designed for sealing containers such as trays, cups, and tubs used for food and non-food products. This film serves as a protective barrier, preserving the freshness and extending the shelf life of the packaged contents while also providing convenience for consumers during storage and consumption.

Key features and benefits of Lidding Film include:

  • Sealing Properties: Lidding Film is engineered to provide secure and hermetic seals on various container types, ensuring product integrity and preventing leakage or contamination.
  • Peelability: the film offers easy peelability, allowing consumers to effortlessly open the packaging without the need for additional tools. This feature enhances user convenience and promotes a positive consumer experience.
  • Barrier Protection: acts as a barrier against external elements such as moisture, oxygen, and light, protecting the packaged contents from spoilage, oxidation, and deterioration. This helps maintain product quality and extends the shelf life of perishable goods.
  • Customizable Printing: the film surface can be customized with vibrant graphics, branding elements, and product information using high-quality printing techniques. This allows brands to enhance product visibility, communicate marketing messages, and differentiate their products on retail shelves.
  • Compatibility: compatible with various packaging formats, including trays made from materials such as plastic, aluminum, and paperboard. It can be tailored to specific container dimensions and shapes, ensuring a snug fit and optimal sealing performance.

Popular Choices of Clients:

  • Film Structure: Clients can choose from mono-layer or multi-layer structures depending on the specific requirements of their product and packaging application.
  • Thickness: Options typically range from 30μm to 150μm, with thicker films offering enhanced barrier properties and puncture resistance.
  • Material Compatibility: Lidding Film is available in options suitable for sealing different types of containers, including PP, PET, PS, and PVC trays.
  • Sealing Methods: Clients can select from heat-sealable, pressure-sensitive, or peel-and-seal variants based on their packaging equipment and production processes.

Lidding Film offers a versatile and effective solution for sealing and protecting a wide range of packaged products, ensuring freshness, convenience, and brand appeal for both manufacturers and consumers alike.

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